IGF-UA 2011

Photo by Steven McNeil

Second Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum will take place in Kiev 2-3 September 2011. The purpose of this event is to discuss most critical issues of the information society development in Ukraine. IGF-UA is urged to consolidate efforts of governmental bodies and business community, Internet society, professional and academician elite toward speeding-up of the IT progress implementation in every day life, to create conditions for the full-scale development of Uanet in the public interests.

Ukrainian Internet Association (InAU)
Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneur (USPP)

State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine Administration
National Commission of Ukraine for Communications Regulation
State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine
European Media Platform (EMP)
Independent Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters
Kiev International University (KIU)
Kyiv College of Communication

With the support of:
Parliament Committee for Questions of Science and Education
Parliament Committee for Questions of Speech and Information Freedom
National Council for Security and Defense of Ukraine
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Security Service of Ukraine


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