About IGF-UA-2017

The 8th Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum IGF-UA take place in Kiev 6 Oktober, 2017.

The Organizing Committee of IGF-UA offers cooperation to interested organizations on the basis of Principles for holding the Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum IGF-UA.


The purpose of this event is to discuss most critical issues of the information society development in Ukraine. IGF-UA is urged to consolidate efforts of governmental bodies and business community, Internet society, professional and academician elite toward speeding-up of the IT progress implementation in every day life, to create conditions for the full-scale development of Uanet in the public interests.


Main topics:

  • Cyber security
  • Human Rights and the problems of blocking the Internet content
  • Youth section
  • DNS
  • Ensuring the functioning of elements of the critical Internet infrastructure
  • Reform of the EU legislation on the protection of personal data and its implications for Ukraine
  • Internet of Things
  • The issue of protection of intellectual property
  • Digital citizenship.


VIII Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum IGF-UA annual report


History of IGF-UA:

First Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum (IGF-UA) was held in September 2010 in Kyiv city. IGF-UA Forums became the continuation of world series of Forums on discussing the most important issues of information society development, consolidation of efforts of governmental bodies, business, internet-society, professional and academician elite to speed-up the implementation of IT achievements, creation of conditions of comprehensive development of World Wide Web in public interest.  IGF-UA Forums collect participants from different world countries, representing international structures, governmental institutions, ICT  and mass media non-governmental and commercial organizations.

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